We have been in business for over a decade, working with high-profile clients in a variety of industries throughout the UK. Our personalised service is tailored for each organisation we work with and aims to collect as much outstanding debt as possible. Furthermore, our dedicated Collectors work directly with our clients, protecting reputations while recovering due monies swiftly and efficiently.

Our collection fees can often be recovered along with the debt, so many of our clients do not even bear the cost of our service.

We are a dynamic and forward-thinking company, delivering bespoke debt collection solutions of unrivalled quality. We combine our extensive industry expertise with innovative technology and an attentive approach towards every single client. Our team is committed to making a significant difference to your overdue accounts, while maintaining strong ethics, compliant standards and complete transparency.

We never overcomplicate matters – We are confident that you will find every area of our service straightforward and effective.

We listen – It sounds obvious, but we actually listen to what you need. This means we truly understand your requirements and long-term business objectives.

We focus on your goals – We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. We develop the best collection strategies to fit the needs of your business.


ACT offers a complete solution, so you do not have to source credit management services elsewhere. We fulfil all of your needs, from debt recovery and tracing customers, to credit reporting and legal services. This allows us to provide you with a comprehensive and highly efficient solution.

Plus, access to our live online debt management system is available as part of our service, so you can see all of the collection activities undertaken on your accounts.

More than just collecting money

Experience, quality and transparency

When you work with ACT, you are partnering with an experienced, professional debt collection agency with a proven track record of understanding and fulfilling business objectives. We care about your reputation and are mindful of preserving your company image, integrating our services with your internal procedures to create a streamlined process.

We do not settle for anything but the best solution. That is why we work hard to provide affordable services without ever sacrificing quality or transparency.