Our clients have found that outsourcing their credit control allows them to focus fully on their primary objectives, while leaving the majority of their credit management activities to dedicated professionals. This trend of decentralisation is being followed by an increasing number of organisations, who have discovered that the fixed costs involved in financing an in-house credit control facility are not as efficient as outsourcing to an experienced third party. ACT’s dedicated team works very closely with your business to provide a synchronised, transparent and discreet service. Our solution works seamlessly with your internal procedures to fulfil your requirements; and we retain your customers while collecting your due accounts in a professional and timely manner. If you would like to know more about ACT’s credit control service or discuss your specific debt recovery requirements, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our experts.

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Consumer Collections
Our dedicated team of expert negotiators will recover your debts in a professional and effective manner.
Commercial Collections
ACT provides a personalised commercial recovery service through our dedicated and experienced commercial collections team.
International Collections
We successfully collect debts from more than 100 countries throughout Europe, The Americas, Asia and Africa.
Student Collections
With over a decade of experience and more than 100 higher education clients, we have unrivalled expertise in recovering student debt.
Healthcare Collections
We have a proven record of success providing long-term, tailored solutions to private hospitals, NHS Trusts and clinics across the UK.
Outsourced Credit Control
Working as an extension of your business, we provide you with a comprehensive, expertly managed credit control solution.
Legal Services
Our in-house legal service offers personal support and guidance for all of your legal needs.
Tracing Services
Our tracing solution combines the latest technology with years of experience using proven and successful techniques.
Credit Reports
We offer a wide range of credit reports for individuals and businesses.

Our services include live access to our innovative ACT Online tool, which displays up-to-date, detailed information about all of the accounts we handle for you. This is representative of our cohesive, transparent approach to all areas of our business.

Our fees are simple and fair

ACT’s fees are based on the amount we recover from your customers, which means we are focused on achieving outstanding results. We offer excellent value for money for a high-quality service.

With us, you can be assured of:

No collection, no fee No upfront fees No placement fees No hidden fees No membership fees No tie-in contracts